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The Seed Coordination Unit (SCU) under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is collaborating with agricultural stakeholders across Tanzania to support the growth, innovation and performance of the sector. Our goal is to help Tanzania’s farmers have a choice of high quality inputs (seed, fertilizers, and crop protection products) available every season, reliably and on time.

Industry Directory

Sector collaboration and innovation frequently depend on knowing who to tap for expertise. The Industry Directory is a curated, searchable listing of sector participants, both private and public, in Tanzania ranging from technical service providers to equipment purveyors to educational institutions. The Industry Directory is searchable by keyword and category of participant.


Tanzania has a long history of breeding and releasing improved crop varieties. SeedCentre is a searchable database of the crop varieties released in Tanzania, built by working with the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), TOSCI, and public and private sector participants. The SeedCentre database is searchable by filters related to varieties, licensees, levels of commercialization, altitude of adaptation, and more.


Appropriate use of approved agrochemicals makes a significant contribution to higher yields. ChemCentre is a database of agrochemical products registered in Tanzania, their registered suppliers, and their intended uses, built by working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Tanzania Plant Health and Pesticide Authority (TPHPA). The ChemCentre database is searchable by keyword or type of product.

Agrodealer Directory

Most certified seed of improved varieties available for sale each season is marketed by agrodealers. Agrodealer directory is a database of known agrodealers in Tanzania, searchable by keyword or by region and then district within a region. The Agrodealer Directory offers downloadable lists for specific geographies.


Information currently presented in the Platform is the best available information at the present time. The Seed Coordination Unit under the Ministry of Agriculture will make every effort to identify and add missing information and make corrections as errors are identified. Direct feedback from users about missing information and/or errors is very welcome via any of the "Contact Us" buttons throughout the site.